Why you say? WHY NOT??

For some reason, crossing a big wide ocean is like going to the moon for some (even though no one has ever been there either, don't get me started) ANYWAY. Experiencing another culture is not just gazing at typical attractions but shifting your eyes to the lifestyles of the locals. These people remind us that there is more to life than work. More to work than profit. It’s ok to linger, its necessary to USE the benches in the park. And a picnic blanket is a staple in your life.

This is not vacationing. It’s traveling. It's work, but the most rewarding and life-changing journey to take. These will be the memories we will share with our kids.


Having kids may not be the reason we are going. But not having kids is the reason we can.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Au revoir Paris,.....Buongiorno Venice

We rolled into Venice at the train station early in the morning.  The early morning rain reminded us that we were in a new place.  Riding a train overnight had been a fun experience and we were looking forward to the next time we'd be back on one.  Liz was at her skills immediately, directing us through the new territory. A vaporetta (water bus) got us within walking distance of our hotel.  Our first exploration on Venetian streets was locating our accommodations.  The misty morning was refreshing and didn't keep us from reaching our destination.  We were soon in the reception area of our next 'palace' (as they call them here).

Wasting no time, we got our bags settled and were out to explore & eat.
 An instant favorite was discovered! In an area not frequented by tourists, we came upon Al Cova
 A place that is owned by a Venetian and co-run by his american bride of 26 years, it exceeded our expectations.

A highlight for us all was the zucchini flowers that were lightly dusted with flour and stuffed with cheese. YUM.
The food fueled our site seeing to new heights.  We made our way to Piazzo San Marco, which is the most famous square in Venice. Climbing the Campanile (bell tower) gave us great views of most of venice.
 Before we headed to dinner, we enjoyed a ride on the canals by gondola.  Its a form of transportation dating way back into venice's history.  

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  1. You should take the water bus over to Lido and take a dip in the Adriatic Sea!