Why you say? WHY NOT??

For some reason, crossing a big wide ocean is like going to the moon for some (even though no one has ever been there either, don't get me started) ANYWAY. Experiencing another culture is not just gazing at typical attractions but shifting your eyes to the lifestyles of the locals. These people remind us that there is more to life than work. More to work than profit. It’s ok to linger, its necessary to USE the benches in the park. And a picnic blanket is a staple in your life.

This is not vacationing. It’s traveling. It's work, but the most rewarding and life-changing journey to take. These will be the memories we will share with our kids.


Having kids may not be the reason we are going. But not having kids is the reason we can.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 2....feels like a month!

We have done SO much already, feels like we have been in Paris for a MONTH.
Here are a FEW highlights.
We were speechless when we visited Paris's Catacombs. At the end of the 18th century, over two million peoples BONES were relocated 50 feet beneath the city. We traveled down there... and It smelled better than Ryan expected. :) The bones were artfully stacked and arranged for our viewing pleasure. We were down there for about an hour. This much time, that far under, with so many bones.....made us slap happy. Amber realized that she liked to touch the bones., Corey and Ryan...not so much. It was ok with me, but didn't find it as enticing as Amber did. As you see below. LOL

The Surprise is OUT!
Ryans big SURPRISE was an evening at the Ecole Ritz Escoffier Paris.
Corey and I treated Ryan to a once in a lifetime Culinary experience.
3 Hours cooking at one of the best culinary schools.
We got to watch for a few minutes, and take a few photos...but when we left, we were worried that maybe Ryan was a bit too advanced for this class...as you see here. Ryan and the Chef were about the ONLY ones who knew how to handle that lobster. Through a translator, he was taught the techniques of french cuisine. He hopes to apply these techniques very soon. What are they you wonder? You will just have to find out....the yummy way.

Restaurant Capucine
Pan-Fried Duck Foie Gras Escalopes, apple and Balsamique Juice
This was Ambers dish! And our favorite dinner so far!
Our service was impeccable and the food did not disappoint!
Other things to stand out on the menu was the spicy beef tar tar, seared duck, and filet of sea bass.
And for dessert, chocolate profiteroles.
We just couldnt help to mention those other dishes.

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