Why you say? WHY NOT??

For some reason, crossing a big wide ocean is like going to the moon for some (even though no one has ever been there either, don't get me started) ANYWAY. Experiencing another culture is not just gazing at typical attractions but shifting your eyes to the lifestyles of the locals. These people remind us that there is more to life than work. More to work than profit. It’s ok to linger, its necessary to USE the benches in the park. And a picnic blanket is a staple in your life.

This is not vacationing. It’s traveling. It's work, but the most rewarding and life-changing journey to take. These will be the memories we will share with our kids.


Having kids may not be the reason we are going. But not having kids is the reason we can.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

So if its not hard enough to pack efficiently for a multi-stop international trip, you also have to get there! That can sometimes be stressful and complicated.  Not for this trip!  Thanks to a gracious co-worker, Cari H., she made getting to the airport a breeze.  Then while waiting, we just happened to 'bump' into Will S. at our gate.  He generously hung out with us and made waiting time fly by. (no pun intended)  To both of these people, we owe a great thanks.  We were on our way to Chicago for our connecting international flight.
 The 45 minutes took no time at all.  Safely touched down and made our way swiftly to our gate where they were already boarding.  We took to the skies with great weather and the prospect of touching down early.
 The super smooth flight was very enjoyable.  We all managed to take in a movie before a nice little snooze.
The view from the skies was gorgous.
 We made it safely to the other side of the pond.  Its been a long fun day and we'll update in the morning.

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  1. Glad to hear it. Now start eating food and sending pictures of said food.