Why you say? WHY NOT??

For some reason, crossing a big wide ocean is like going to the moon for some (even though no one has ever been there either, don't get me started) ANYWAY. Experiencing another culture is not just gazing at typical attractions but shifting your eyes to the lifestyles of the locals. These people remind us that there is more to life than work. More to work than profit. It’s ok to linger, its necessary to USE the benches in the park. And a picnic blanket is a staple in your life.

This is not vacationing. It’s traveling. It's work, but the most rewarding and life-changing journey to take. These will be the memories we will share with our kids.


Having kids may not be the reason we are going. But not having kids is the reason we can.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Change of plans.

Our second day in Venice became our third day..., on the second day. Our delicately layed out schedule had us going to Verona today BUT apparently ALL of Italy went on strike. This meant NO public transportation for us. No boat to the train station, NO train to take us to Verona, and NO reception desk clerk. TIME TO CHANGE CLOTHES AND CHANGE ITINERARY!
This tragedy was quickly dismissed when we made our way to the Venetian Market. Fresh food heaven! Produce/Fresh, colorful, vibrant and the grapes were huge! Meats/Chickens with heads and feet attached, Fish/Octopus and fish we have never seen before. Watching the local market workers clean the fish right in front of you was a treat! These fish are an every day occurrence here in Venice, but many are something rare to even GET in our country.

Here is a collection of some great photos of our day out and about in Venice.

Venice is definitely on the top 10 most romantic citys. We will definitely come back!

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