Why you say? WHY NOT??

For some reason, crossing a big wide ocean is like going to the moon for some (even though no one has ever been there either, don't get me started) ANYWAY. Experiencing another culture is not just gazing at typical attractions but shifting your eyes to the lifestyles of the locals. These people remind us that there is more to life than work. More to work than profit. It’s ok to linger, its necessary to USE the benches in the park. And a picnic blanket is a staple in your life.

This is not vacationing. It’s traveling. It's work, but the most rewarding and life-changing journey to take. These will be the memories we will share with our kids.


Having kids may not be the reason we are going. But not having kids is the reason we can.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Lourve

Im glad to see that mom is paying attention, and she is RIGHT. We have not blogged YET about our last day in Paris. Maybe its because we spent the night on a trian. It was....and ExPeRiEnCe. We were first class...........nothing like a cabin with 2 sets of bunk beds and a door that locks. Lol. We were too wound up to get any GREAT sleep on the train like we had hoped. BUT back to our last day in Paris. We said goodbye to our adorable little hotel,...had brunch at an old favorite of me and Coreys--Angelinas.

Of course not to forget, getting my anniversary gift! 7 years! Tiffany's Pearl Earrings. I FINALLY have my pearl earrings. Happy Anniversary to us. :)

The lourve was.....crowded! Little did we know that the museum was FREE today...too bad I bought tickets ahead of time. Let me know if you need 4 tickets. :) Because of this fact, it was pretty busy. We saw some great things; Venus de Milo, The Turkish Bath, Winged Victory of Somothrace, Mona Lisa, And the Italian Sculpture...as well as Michelangelo's pieces and wandered into room after room. Getting lost in the art. The sculptures were a favorite to explore.

 We had just enough time to have one last meal in Paris before bustling off to our train station. Ryan won this one with his Famous French Beef Bourguignon With Steamed Potatoes at Cafe Flemme. With a New Fav Beer "1664" Cant wait to see if Global Brew carrys this!.

Back to the train ride to Venice.....

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  1. Happy (belated) anniversary, Corey and Liz!
    It looks like you are all having a fabulous time...and you're taking some great pictures. Can't wait to see them all when you get back. :-)